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Your New Sewing Machine and Sewing Basket

Sewing Basket Items.

These are a few items that EVERY seamstress needs in her basket!

1. Pin cushion and pins (colored heads – easier to find)

2. Scissors (Fiskars are wonderful and not too expensive)

3. Measuring Tape and Yardstick 

4. Sewing Gage/Seam Gage (metal ruler with slider)

5. Safety pins (large)

6. Universal Sewing Machine Needles for sewing machine (different sizes)

7. Hand Sewing Needles (variety pack )

8. Thimble

9. Seam Ripper

10. Good Quality All purpose Thread

Make sure you do not get the thick thread for quilting or jeans or the shiny thread for embroidery.

11. Extra bobbins for machine (check and make sure you get the same kind that comes with your machine)

12. Sewing Pen AND marking chalk or white sewing pencil (different colors for different fabrics so it will show up)

13. Sewing Machine If you need assistance on picking a good machine please ask!

14. Magnetic seam guide (helps beginners learn how to line up fabric for a straight stitch.

Example is found online at Hobby Lobby… http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/magnetic-seam-guide-779884/

15. A sewing basket for your tools 

16. Rolling tote if you take your machine places - protects it while you travel