Learn A Skill That Lasts A Lifetime!

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Beginning Quilting!!!
Coasters (Mug Rugs!)

Perfect start to learning the art of HAND & Machine quilting.

1.  Fat Quarter packet – they have these already cut into squares in packets of multiple fabrics at Hobby Lobby and Walmart. 
 Fat quarter pack looks like this.

2.  ½ yard of white fabric or another solid color for the base if you don’t want white. (see in photo). 
3. ¼ yard fabric for binding
(goes around the coaster)
4.  All purpose thread to match fabrics
5.  Spool of thread to hand quilt with.  This can be QUILTING thread or we can double the all-purpose thread
6.  Batting – LOW LOFT or fusible fleece - either will work
Batting is in a package and fusible fleece is on a bolt like fabric.

Batting is usually in package like this. 

 **important – save your fat quarters that you do not use on this project for the next project MINI Ruffled Wallet!  The batting will be needed for the slipper socks

Boutique Towels

This is perfect for presents, housewarming, Christmas, Baby towels for nursery or bath, kids birthdays, etc.  Kids can do in a night! J

4 kitchen towels
 ½ yard of two coordinating fabrics
4 buttons All purpose thread (make sure it says this on it)

We will make two in class and homework will be to make TWO more at home in between classes and bring to show me and their classmates!

Fall Projects for Girls ongoing classes
These are our first two projects.  Others will be added.  Some are listed below, but not necessarily in order.  Each project may take one or several classes.  I want to make sure they GET it, so we will not rush the learning!  :)