Learn A Skill That Lasts A Lifetime!

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Who it's really about!  All these wonderful ladies!  more photos in the gallery here

My first camp 9 years ago!!!

Home environment

No intimidation here. Since it's in my home we act like it's home (with a few rules). Come and relax and learn!


Small Classes.

Since it's in my home sewing studio there is only room for a few. Private sessions or 2 to 5 max in each class so more one on one time!


No sales.

You don't buy your supplies from me or machines so you only come to learn.  I will provide supply lists for you and let you know what to get.. or just ask if you're confused! I can recommend a sewing machine for you though if you don't have one!

About Aerybeth

Jason, my most wonderful supportive husband of 25 years and my 12 year old daughter Aeryn!

Why I sew!

What to Expect

Hi, I'm Cristy Anderson and I've been sewing ...well for lots of years!  My mom began teaching me when I was young
(@ 40 years ago) and now I've been teaching for 9 years....
‚Äčand I love it! 

Moments I love:
 - seeing the sweet happy faces of
my sewing girls when they finish a creation. 
 - teaching youth, tween, teen, adults or grandma's - especially when they come & learn after being intimidated!  

-that God has allowed me to do what I love and
I am so thankful that I get to teach this skill to others


--Oh - I get asked where did the name Aerybeth come from?
My sister in law came up with it!  Named after my daughter Aeryn
 Aery for Aeryn and beth from Elisabeth - Aerybeth 

Just let me know if I can help you!  
I  would be honored to help you